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Schoolhouse is a not-for profit social enterprise providing high quality overseas volunteering opportunities. We aim to inspire everyone - volunteers and those they work with - to reach out and gain new understandings, new skills and new experience. We see the volunteering experience as an equal exchange between what the volunteer gives and what they gain in terms of personal and skills development.

You値l receive a warm-hearted and individual response, right from the start and we値l engage with you to help you to plan and prepare for your volunteering placement. By getting to know you as an individual, we can place and support you in a project that best utilises and develops you and your skills in line with your future interests.

You have many skills (some, you may take for granted), such as your knowledge of the English language. Schoolhouse founders, Alan and Cathy Low, are experienced English teachers with backgrounds in drama, storytelling and course development, so are able to show you how to utilise these and other skills to make a valuable contribution in a developing country, within a variety of situations.

Alan and Cathy have a long family history in the host countries of Sri Lanka and South India and are well connected to the communities you値l work in. They have partnership agreements with government departments and highly respected local development organisations.

When your placement is over, you値l be invited to remain as part of the Schoolhouse project, so your experiences can be put to good use and you値l be part of a growing network of experienced Schoolhouse volunteers.