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"Never believe that a few caring people canít change the world - thatís all who ever haveĒ Margaret Mead

Do you want to do something that will nurture and nourish those who have very little? Could you give your time and energy to work with children who live on the street or in an orphanage? Do you have the compassion needed to care for those who have been traumatized or to work in a home for people with special needs? If you do, then you can make a difference to vulnerable children, young people and adults.

Youíll do the things that would be left undone otherwise. Youíll give the attention and comfort to the ones that cry, youíll help to feed the ones who canít feed themselves, youíll provide mentoring and support to people who have faced difficulties. And as you do this, youíll be talking in English, teaching in the most natural way Ė as parents teaches their children - through the rhymes you sing, the games you play, the things you say and do.

In Schoolhouse partner projects, dedicated staff work hard to give care and support but extra help is always needed.

The Schoolhouse training course will show you how to make the most effective use of daily routines and activities. So, as you care youíll also be giving a valuable gift - exposure to English - a skill for life and a key to a future with better opportunities.