English Camp
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Schoolhouse also runs fun-filled, action-packed arts based English camps led by teams of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. There’s also sports, games and a mission to accomplish… at the end of the two-weeks, the children must have improved their spoken English AND a show MUST go on!

Using a format similar to the successful Schoolhouse English summer programmes for European students of English, the English Camp generates a buzz of excitement that comes form people working together creatively towards a common goal. As well as being lots of fun, there will be a real focus and sense of shared purpose, as children, volunteers and organisers work together to create something special.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work as part of a team, with responsibility for a group of children and for the part of the programme that best suits their skills and interests.

We need volunteers who are most importantly warm-hearted and enthusiastic!  We need volunteers who can mentor, support, act, direct, produce, paint, sing, dance, make music, make things, play, make funny noises, enthuse, sympathise, clown-around, coach sports and play games.  We need imaginative people, practical people, doers, communicators, people who can work independently and as part of a team. People will be able to make it happen! People who will introduce their skills to the children they work with.  So really, there's a role for everyone.

There will be a theme, a format, a basic script as a starter pack. There will be some resources - sports equipment, paints, craft materials, possibly a computer, a good workspace with indoor and outdoor areas. There will be experienced programme directors or team-leaders to support the volunteers and there will be daily get-togethers for volunteers and children to talk about the issues that arise, to evaluate on an ongoing basis - not just the daily programme but also the challenges, issues, highs and lows of the volunteers and the children.

Volunteers develop a range of valuable skills in a programme like this - living and working together towards some very special outcomes.