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Brett Somers

Are you a performer? Could you be encouraged to find the performer inside you? Can you sing, dance or play an instrument? Can you tell a story and make it come alive? Performance skills can be used in amazing ways and to great effect with children and communities in developing countries putting smiles on faces, light in lives. Using your special skills, you can entertain and teach.

Put on a cute little show with pre-schoolers singing English songs and acting out a simple story that they’ve made simple costumes for! Produce a theatrical performance in a school or project, complete with script, scenery and costumes! Work on a piece of drama or talent evening with children in a home. Weave singing, dancing or music-making into your daily sessions - whatever age-group you’re working with. More experienced performers may want to plunge in and organize acommunity event, or use drama to tackle social issues, use music to heal.

As well as all the benefits that performance skills bring - the confidence-building, the fun, the achievement, the shared purpose and creativity - they also teach English in memorable ways. And as you, yourself perform in these new ways, you'll find your own performance is enhanced, more intense - you'll find your stage is a lot bigger and that you've made a huge contribution.