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“Many parents and teachers differentiate between time for learning and time for play without seeing the vital connection between them" Margaret Mead

Children love to play – so do adults! Play can also be a natural, practical way to learn. Our training course will give you confidence and lots of ideas to enable you to deliver play sessions that are both fun and very effective for learning English.

Playing games in circles, in teams, playing sports or playing with sounds, songs and music, playing with colour or art and crafts, playing with words and language. All are great ways to learn about life, develop confidence and team work and are particularly good for language learning.

You might find yourself storytelling or playing Ring-a-Rosies with pre-schoolers in a children’s home or nursery. You may be introducing kids in a street children’s project to the joys of the Hokey-Cokey, Snakes and Ladders or mask-making. Perhaps you’ll organise sports or team-games in a school or after-school club or combine music-making with dance or drama in a centre for special needs adults.

The scope for play is huge and universally popular. And if there’s little in the way of home comforts and life’s a struggle, play can be a comfort, a therapy and an escape, allowing children to be children again. Allowing them to learn.