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“Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”. Kofi Annan.

Even if you’ve never taught before, the Schoolhouse training course will give you the confidence to use your natural English ability along with your enthusiasm and interests to teach English using a range of fun, practical and natural activities.

You may be an experienced teacher or you may be interested in becoming one. Perhaps you’re newly qualified - or you’re a natural teacher. You may be a language teacher or qualified to teach other subjects. Add a whole new dimension to your skills and teaching experiences by teaching English in fun and effective ways that will inspire both you and the pupils you teach.

Perhaps you’ll combine more formal teaching with the more activity based methods encouraged by the Schoolhouse training programme.

You’ll become a walking, talking teaching resource as you learn to fully exploit the potential for language development within the everyday environment of the classroom.

You’ll teach English in very communicative ways and you’ll be introducing a new way of learning to the pupils you work with - a way of learning that’s fun and confidence-building.

You may be teaching in a bustling school with big classes of neatly uniformed pupils - giggling girls proudly wearing ribbons of their school colour, boys with big grins. Or maybe your class will be in a tiny rural school with barefoot children dressed in brightly coloured gypsy clothes. Your pupils may be saffron-robed novice monks, your classroom may be inside or out. Wherever you are, your pupils will be eager to learn and as their teacher, you’ll be treated with great respect.